Art Spectrum Artist Gesso

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Art Spectrum Artists’ Acrylic Gesso has been carefully formulated by professional paint chemists to provide a permanent ground for oil and acrylic painting. Artists’ Gesso will dry to a brilliant white in a few hours, providing an absorbent, permanently flexible, waterproof, non-yellowing ground. It is suitable for use on most clean, non-greasy surfaces including canvas, timber, masonry, boards, masonite, and appropriate papers.

Gesso should be applied directly to the raw canvas or other support. Smooth supports, such as masonite, should be lightly sanded first to provide tooth for the gesso to bond securely onto the surface. Preliminary sealing of the canvas is usually not required.

Artists using wash techniques, and wishing to prevent colours staining through the back of the canvas, can seal the raw canvas with a solution of 50% water and 50% acrylic medium. Moistening the canvas (by lightly spraying with water) before gessoing will not only tighten the canvas, but will also make the application of gesso easier. For one coat application, use gesso straight from the container and work the gesso well into the canvas. Gesso can be applied by brush, spatula or sponge for different textural finishes.

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