Atelier Interactive Gesso Primer

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Atelier Interactive Gesso is a flexible ground which provides “tooth” on which to paint. It is not water absorbent and does not suck the moisture out of your paint when you start to work on it. Atelier Interactive Gesso is ideal for both Acrylic and Oil paintings and can be tinted with any colour acrylic pigment.

Although acrylics can be applied directly to a surface without first applying a ground, the acrylic binder from the paint is absorbed too quickly into the surface being worked on. The result is a drab and disappointing painting, with a disagreeably fast drying speed. Acrylic grounds are recommended before painting.

Cheap House Paints are often used in Art Schools as grounds, house paints are usually brittle and too absorbent, causing drab paintings and over speedy drying.

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