Conte a Paris Crayons/ Drawing Pastels

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Used by the masters Picasso, Degas and Delacroix for over a century, the Conte Crayon range is one of the finest pastel ranges available. Perfect for sketching or alternatively black and white or colour work. The edges and ends cut into each crayon provide both the precision required for detailed line work, and are also suitable for larger applications such as a coloured background

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White 13c, Light Yellow 24c, Golden yellow 14c, Indian yellow 37c, ORANGE 12 C, Orange Lake 49 C, Vermillon 03 C, Madder Lake 38 C, Scarlet 28 C, Saturn Red 40 C, Garnet 39 C, Purple 19 C, Cyclamen 41 C, Pink 11 C, Persan Violet 55 C, Parma Violet 05 C, Lilac 26 C, Sky Blue 56 C, Light Blue 29 C, Ultramarine Blue 10 C, Royal Blue 06 C, Deep Ultramarine 46 C, Prussian Blue 22 C, Green Blue 21 C, Lime Green 50 C, Light Green 08 C, St Michael Green 44 C, Olive Green16 C, Prussian Green 43 C, Deep Green 02 C, Emerald Green 34 C, Mineral Green 30 C, Flesh 48 C, Naples Yellow 47 C, Yellow Ochre 17 C, Raw Sienna 18 C, Red Brown 07 C, Bistre 01 C, Bordeaux 31 C, Raw Umber 54 C, Umber 32 C, Light Grey 20 C, Grey Green 51 C, Deep Grey 33 C, Paynes Grey 53 C, Sepia 42 C, Black 09c, Medium Yellow