Derivan Matisse Brush Restorer MM35

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MM35 Brush Restorer 250ml
Don’t you hate looking at dried paint on your paintbrush, …so much regret! We have designed Matisse MM35 to bring your brush back to new again.
Matisse MM35 Brush Restorer is designed to replace dangerous, butyl-based cleaners with a powerful safe and plant based alternative. It can remove dried, built up paint from brushes without the use of harsh chemicals and dangerous fumes. MM35 Matisse Brush Restorer contains natural solvents and vegetable-derived detergents which are not hazardous to humans, animals or the ecosystem. It is free-rinsing and will not corrode brush ferrules. It is also grey water and septic tank safe, and completely biodegradable without effluent treatment processes.

How to Use it:
Soak brush in Derivan Brush restorer overnight, this will loosen the paint. Rinse with water to remove the paint residue. If brush is not completely clean work brush restorer into bristles with fingers for several minutes then rinse with water.

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