Derwent Drawing Kit

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This kit contails 5 essential tools
*Embossing Tools. Indent the paper with the tool in the areas you wish to keep white. Colour over the top of with a dry pencil to expose the white marks. Ideal for whiskers and botanical features. This double ended tool has two different sizes.
*Rubber Shapers Ideal for smudging and blending pastel, charcoal or graphite; The 2 shapers in this set are designed for precise blending, offering more definition than using your fingers.
*Eraser Shield. Use the holes in the shield to erase intricate areas without smearing. Place over your drawing and erase the target areas through the hole without effecting the rest of your drawing.
*French Curve. To aid in the drawing of curves and ellipses; use the edge of the French curve as a guide and draw along the line for smooth accurate curves. Use different areas of the shape for different sizes and angles.

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