Fredrix Watercolour Canvas Pad 10 sheets

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Fredrix Canvas Watercolour Pads are a revolutionary new watercolour surface made of 100 percent cotton. The unique texture of an all natural woven material, in combination with a patented , specially formulated acid-free coating, delivers a unique new watercolour painting experience and distinctive look that can only be captured on real canvas. Guaranteed to be archival quality, watercolour canvas in pads can be cut to any size and will not buckle like watercolour paper when wet. Just like watercolour paper they should be taped or stapled to a firm support to prevent buckling while working. They have great lifting qualities and exceptional durability. You can be quite aggressive with your adjustments and corrections. In fact you can even wash out your entire image and start over! Watercolour canvas will not tear like watercolour paper, so you can scratch it, scrape it, staple it, wet it and rewet it, and it will not damage your canvas.


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Weight 1.345 kg
Dimensions 52 × 42 × 3 cm

9x12ins, 16x20ins