Jo Sonja Tannin Sealer and Gold Size

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Tannin Sealer has excellent adhesive and sealing properties. Use on wood or masonite surfaces where tannin, oil or pitch may bleed through paint.

* Apply undiluted to clean, dry surface directly over and at least 5cm beyond knots front and back. Do not use hair dryer to promote drying.
* Allow to cure for a minimum of 14 days depending on climate and humidity before proceeding to paint or decorate.
* When staining wood, stain surface first, then apply Tannin Sealer as directed.
* On light or pickled stains or basecoats, the dark stains or tannin may show through. To mask this, once the Tannin Sealer has cured, conceal the area with a second coat of stain or a coat of gesso.

Gold Leafing
* Brush on smooth, even coat of Tannin Sealer and allow to dry. Apply one additional coat and allow to dry naturally until no fingerprint is left when touched. repeat to apply 3 coats.
*Press gold leaf onto this surface; heat gently with a hair dryer before removing the excess. If you are working on a larger item or require longer working time, add a small amount of Jo Sonjas Retarder Medium as required.
* When gold leafing is complete, apply Jo Sonjas All Purpose Sealer if you intend to paint over the leaf.
* Two to three coats of Jo Sonjas Varnish will assist in preventing tarnish.

Wash hands and brushes in water

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