Neef – Series 192 (Hog Bristle Stencil Brush)

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An Excellent quality Hog Hair Stencil Brush (Natural Filling), which features an elongated handle that fits comfortably into the palm of the hand, and therefore is easier to control and less tiresome to use over extended periods. Varnished handle, three sizes to choose from, and outstanding value for such an effective brush.

The advantage of the stencil brush is that it reduces the chances of getting paint under the edges of the stencil because of the stiff bristles. Resist the temptation to push the whole length of the bristles into the stencil. It is better to dip the brush into the paint frequently, while it is easier to add a little more paint to a stencil you are painting than to remove it. The paint shouldn’t be too liquid or your brush too wet as the paint is then more likely to seep under the edges of the stencil.

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