Neef Series 970 (Superior Taklon Round Brush)

$4.16$18.15 inc. GST

Taklon synthetic filament. Nickel plated brass ferrule, short maroon handle.

Part of the “Robert A. Wade” Supremo Series brushes. Synthetic Taklon was introduced to the Australian market over fifteen years ago by NEEF as a cheaper alternative to natural hair. The original examples were not so good but the later versions especially the NEEF Robert Wade Series of brushes were quite amazing in the perfomance and relatively priced. They offer a great point, great spring and precise control. A delight to use and suitable for all media, particularly when brush marks are not required in paint film. They do not carry as much paint as sable/squirrel but at a fraction of the price represent great value. These white taklon filaments perform remarkably like traditional sable for spring, point, edge and colour retention, they are ideally suited for watercolour, highlighting in oil colour, mixed media and graphic art applications. They release paint smoothly giving the painter perfect control. The large range of sizes ensures they are also suitable for hobby and craft artists.


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