Paasche VL Airbrush Set

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Made in the USA for over 100 Years. This Paasche Vl Airbrush set is a Double Action airbrush, ( A single action airbrush is difficult to handle with both air and fluid coming on at the same time).
The Set contains
One VL, double action, internal mix, syphon feed airbrush fitted with the No.1 aircap and tip for lighter fluids
One No3 Aircap, needle and tip for medium fluids,
One No5 Aircap, needle and tip for heavier fluids.
One 7ml metal colour cup.
One 85ml colour bottle assembly.
One 28ml Colour bottle assembly.
One 28ml colour storage bottle,
One 1.83m fitted air hose.
Operating and maintaince instructions.
Tools for changing aircap and needles.
One “22 Airbrush Lesson” Book.

Spray pattern with VL1 Setup is 1/32″-1″, With VL3 setup is 1/32″-1.1/4″, with VL5 setup is 1/16″-1.1/2″

Almost any acrylic paint can be used with the addition of Atelier Interactive Liquifying Medium, which is designed for use with airbrushes. Art Spectrum “Liquid Spectrum” is also designed for airbrush work.

For Airbrush work a regulated compressed air supply of 1/2-1 cubic foot per minute, at 15-40 psi fitted with a 1/4″BSP male outlet is required.

A moisture trap should also be purchased if using solvent based materials

Art Material Supplies have a full range of spare parts for the Paasche VL Set.

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