Painting And Palette Knife Information

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Palette Knife or Paintng Knife? There are no strict rules; use it how you feel most comfortable. At Art Material Supplies we have some twenty-seven different shaped knives available, so chose what suits you best.

Strictly speaking a Palette Knife is straight and does not have a crook in the blade. It is flexible and designed for mixing the paint on the palette, and for scraping the paint from the palette afterwards. However that does not mean that you can’t paint with a palette knife

A Painting Knife is very flexible, has a crook in the shank of the blade and is generally smaller than a Palette Knife. The crook in the blade ensures that you do not scrape your hand on the painting or palette as you paint. Painting Knives are most often used by artists who follow the impasto style, but they are great for scraping back through paint or scraping paint from the surface of an oil painting.