Pastel Rembrandt Set 15 Darks

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Pastellists rejoice as Rembrandt have launched 15 new “dark” colours to their range! A wonderful alternative to using solid black, these new shades offer the artist ready-to-go “tinted blacks”. Use for shadows, shading, creating tonal values in portraiture and even use singularly to create monotone drawings with subtle coloured undertones. Tints used in this range are: Yellow Ochre, Natural Sienna, Orange, Indian Red, Permanent Red, Raw Umber, Ultramarine Deep, Olive Green, Turquoise, Violet, Blue Violet, Red Violet, Prussian Blue, Cinnabar Green Deep and Bluish Green. These colours are already part of the Rembrandt range, however, the “dark” shade is indicated by “.2” following their colour number, e.g. Violet is 536.2.

Aside from using these world-renowned pastels in their intended form, artists are able to utilize grated pastel in mixed-media by dissolving the powder in water, creating a watercolour-like wash mixture, or sprinkling grated pastel onto an already wet paper for intriguing colour explosions in an underpainting. Another adaptation is to take a wet brush and lift off the pigment straight from the pastel stick in a “wet-into-dry” traditional watercolour technique.

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