Refunds and Returns Policy

Return location for online purchases

Goods purchased by customers can only be returned to the store at:

228 Adelaide Street

Maryborough Qld 4650


Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your returns and refunds. We are more than happy to help. In many cases we do require photographic evidence of the product you wish to return for a refund or in many cases we will replace the faulty product where possible.

Proof of Purchase

Please note that all returns, refunds, exchanges or repair requests must be accompanied by any of the following Proof of Purchase documents:

 Invoice number, date of purchase, photo of faulty product and description.

Change of mind

Please choose items carefully as we do not provide refunds for incorrect choice. If you have your receipt/Tax receipt:

 We can provide you with a refund or exchange on goods which are damaged or faulty
 A refund will be provided in the original tender.

Special exceptions

 We cannot provide refund or exchange on the following items: custom made products, gift vouchers, single pens or markers.

When are customers entitled to a refund?

(Information from the office of Fair Trading) When the product:

 Has a fault that was not known by the consumer at the time of purchase
 Does not do the job that customer was led to believe it would do
 Does not match the sample the customer was shown or does not fit their description

Customer and staff may negotiate other solutions such as repair or replacement but under these circumstances a customer has a legal right to receive a refund.

All refunds are to be returned in their original tender. For example, customers cannot ask for a cash refund if they did not pay cash. Purchases made with cards, credit notes or gift vouchers must be refunded accordingly. Goods must be in merchantable quality i.e. in original packaging and able to be resold.

When are customers not entitled to a refund?

(Information from the office of Fair Trading)

 When they changed their mind about a product. This includes when a customer has found a cheaper  product elsewhere, has bought a gift that is unsuitable, or their circumstances have changed and they no longer require the goods.
 If they knew, or should have known about a fault when the goods were bought, for example as Seconds/heavily discounted items and/or discontinued stock.
 If they are unable to prove from whom and when the item was purchased.
 If the product was custom made or is a gift voucher, single pens, marker, spray or book.

Payment Method

We will refund using your original payment method.