Art Spectrum Paraffin Wax 1kg Block

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The candle industry is one of the major sectors for the consumption of refined paraffin wax in the world, it being the preferred material for making candles. Moreover, despite the progressive diversification of wax applications, candle manufacture continues to be the destination of most paraffin wax produced throughout the world. It is a safe and natural product and its degree of refinement in the case of hydrotreated waxes is such that it complies with the strict requirements of the United States FDA for its use in food.

Paraffin Wax is also used to lubricate Skis and Surfboards

Paraffin waxes are used in different kinds of foods, such as, for example, covering certain cheeses for surface protection or for producing gum base, a fundamental ingredient of chewing gum. It is also used on citrus and other fruit to improve moisture retention, extending its life and freshness and providing shine

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Weight 1 kg
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