Atelier Interactive Liquefying Medium

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Atelier Interactive Liquifying Medium is a water-based, low viscosity, acrylic extender designed to provide the most efficient means of reducing paint viscosity, whilst maintaining maximum covering power. It is useful for smooth blending techniques and detailed work done with fine brushes. It liquifies paint more sharply than water. ie. Less volume of medium is needed to reach a runny consistency.
Proportions to use:
Small additions produce smooth paint.
50/50 or more are runny and are useful for glazes applied horizontally, or for fine detailed work.
It is also used as a medium for air brushing. Note: Add 20ml Retarder to 200ml Liquifying Medium to reduce air brush clogging. Add the Retarder to the Liquifying Medium in its bottle and use the mixture as an airbrush additive.

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