Atelier Interactive Unlocking Medium

$16.38 inc. GST

Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula allows the artist to take full advantage of the unique properties of Interactive. This medium allows artists to re-open a paint layer even after it is touch dry. Once the paint is re-opened new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a rag.
Unlocking formula can also be used to further extend wet blending time. Artists now have more opportunity to modify or edit paintings as they progress. When used with Atelier Interactive acrylics, Unlocking Formula introduces exciting new dimentions in acrylic painting.

Apply using the Atelier Fine Mist Water Sprayer – simply spray it on and rework.
Atelier unlocking Formula is especially effective when used in conjunction with Atelier Slow Medium.

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