Jo Sonja Decoupage Varnish 250ml

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Decoupage Varnish is a clean, non-yellowing, quick-drying formulation for indoor and outdoor use.
Jo Sonja Decoupage Varnish, is a heavy bodied version of Gloss Varnish for artists who wish to finish their projects with a thick, lacquer-like coating. It has been specially formulated for Decoupage artists to hide the cut edges of paper. Applying 8 to 10 coats of Decoupage Varnish is equivalent to 35 to 40 coats of other thinner varnishes.

Decoupage Varnish dries to a thick glossy fininsh that does not yellow over time. It may be used both indoor and outdoors to provide maximum long term protection and when cured is corrosion, chemical, scratch and wear resistant.

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