Matisse Matt Medium MM5

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This is an additive for intermixing with Matisse Colours (not a finishing varnish). Incorporation of the medium within the paint will reduce the sheen of Matisse to a very flat or low sheen finish suitable for work to be photographed. Resultant dried films of Matisse Colours will look more like tempera colours or gouache.

The use of MM5 Matt Medium in hard edge painting, particularly in large coloured areas is most beneficial as it helps to eliminate side sheen and the unfavourable appearance of accidentally highlighted brush strokes.

As Matisse Colours are highly concentrated paints, pre-determined mixtures of water and MM5 Matt Medium should be the prime factors in hard edge work. Additions of MM1 Drying Retarder or MM3 Surface Tension Breaker will further facilitate the satisfactory application of the acrylic paint over large flat coloured areas by increasing flow.

MM8 Spreader Medium will have similar results in conjunction with the MM5 Matt Medium and the Matisse Professional Artist Acrylics.

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