Matisse Polymer Matt Varnish Waterbased MM6

$23.94 inc. GST

This is a varnish that dries to a flat (matt) finish. It should be pre-diluted with water in order to achieve good brushing control. The addition of water will also assist in levelling of the varnish and slow down it’s rapid drying effect.

Polymer matt varnish is a non-yellowing pure acrylic resin suspended in water. Dries to a tough, pliable water-resistant film.Used as a final varnish over a dried, well-cured acrylic painting when a flat, matt or very low sheen is required.

Most suitable as a protective coating particularly over large works exposed to damage in public galleries, commercial paintings required for floodlit photographic reproduction and paintings that would be improved by eliminating unbalanced glossy highlights.

Although it can be used in a mixture with Matisse paint, its effect within the paint would not be as pronounced as when using MM5 Matt Medium which contains a far greater percentage of flattening agents.