Clairefontaine Pastelmat

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Clairefontaine developed Pastelmat to meet the specific expectations of the most demanding pastel artists. This 360gsm card (also available in 2 shades of 1.8mm board) is also an ideal surface for pencil and charcoal. Pastelmat’s single and original surface is a true innovation that combines the advantages of two traditional papers. The fine particles are sufficiently well-fixed for a smooth surface and comfort of use, and the smoothness of the cork grain in the adhesive ensures longevity. The character¬†“fixing”¬†of this surface is so extraordinary that the positioning of multiple layers of pastels, and the realization of flat tints, precise details, or delicate and transparent veils are easily achieved. The use of fixative is not necessary with Pastelmat. The rigidity, weight, and non-acidity, as well as the paper’s light-resistance , guarantee conservation of your artwork. However, it is recommended that a sheet of acid-free translucent paper be placed over finished artworks created on Pastelmat.

Available in 50 x 70cm and 24 x 32cm sizes in 14 colours.

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Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 52 × 72 × .01 cm

50 x 70cm, 32 x 24cm


White, Anthracite, Brown, Sienna, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Maize, Buttercup, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Sand, Burgundy, Light Green, Dark Green, White 1.8mm Board, Anthracite 1.8mm Board