Cretacolor 5.6mm Lead Holders

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Cretacolor 5.6mm Lead Holders These lead holders are designed to hold the very fat 5.6mm leads, not like the usual size of graphic leads for a lead holder. The lead holder is accordingly fat and fits nicely into the hand – a bit like a marker. They keep the fingers clean when using powdery, smudgy mediums such as graphite, charcoal and chalk, and allow these mediums to be used to the end while still being held firmly.

* Cretacolor Ergonomic clutch pencil for 5.6mm lead. Curious flattened grip area is sculpted to provide precise positioning for thumb and forefinger. Looks oddly like it is melted, but works well in providing a secure grip and we can see this would be effective for prolonged bouts of sketching. Works well for either right or left hand. This particular holder has a plastic body; unscrew the push-button to reveal a lead pointer. 138mm long.

* Cretacolor Ecologic clutch pencil, made from natural wood. Sculpted grip area provides a secure hold. No-frills design. Note this is unfinished wood – you can stain or varnish this yourself; or just let it acquire a patina from use. 139mm long, 15mm diameter.

* Cretacolor Classic clutch for 5.6mm lead. Chunky, tough dark grey plastic leadholder with triangular profile for a relaxed and comfortable grip.

* Cretacolor Classic Black 430 00 clutch – a simple, sturdy plastic leadholder. No frills – just a dimpled grip area and a pocket clip. Chunky 13.5mm diameter, 123mm long. Suitable for all 5.6mm graphite or art lead.

All holders come complete with one graphite lead.

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