Daler Rowney Pearlescent Ink

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Pearlescent is a unique range of 21 water based acrylic colours producing a shimmering pearl effect which changes as the light strikes from different angles. Although water soluble these acrylic based inks become water resistant when dry and also extremely lightfast.

This breakthrough in colour technology offers almost limitless creative potential in areas not normally associated with inks and includes applications to glass, wood, ceramic and leather as well as to paper and board. All Pearlescent colours are intermixable. They are permanent and translucent and can be applied successfully with dip pen, ruling pen or brush. They are not recommended for use with airbrush or technical pen. For maximum effect Pearlescent is best put down freely rather than by applying successive layers of colour. Pearlescent colours can be used to dazzling effect in calligraphy, especially where highly decorative elements are required to illuminate basic letter forms. The pearl effect is still achieved even after dilution with water. It can be successfully used for Mount decorations and is now much prized by professional framers for creating marbling and watercolour applications. A natural sponge is an ideal tool for applying the ink. For best effect Pearlescent should be used on darker backgrounds since the contrast maximizes the shimmer, although more subtle results can be achieved on lighter shades of board.

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Bell Bronze, Hot Mamma Red 114, Platinum Pink 118, Sun Up Blue 112, Bird Wing Copper 111, Macaw Green 115, Silver Pearl 119, Volcano Red 123, Galactic Blue 112, Mazuma Gold 117, Sundown Magenta 120, Waterfall Green 124, Sky Blue 130, Hot Cool Yellow 113, Moon Violet 116, Autumn Gold 126, Sun Orange 121, Silver Moss 129, Genesis Green 128, White Pearl 125, Dutch Blue 127, Black 032