Derivan Refillable

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Suitable for saving inks, acrylic paint, watercolours, store pigments and more. Refillables are available in four distinct sets.
Derivan Refillables are the ideal and practical solution for the artist or craft person who would like to organise, transport and store their unique colours to saved for future use or give those many indispensable craft supplies such as buttons, beads, pins, glitter and more, their own organised storage.
As their name suggests, these products can be refilled with any of your favorite Derivan products, but this is not their only purpose.

  • Preserve custom-mixed colours for later re-use or keep sample colours you have mixed for future reference. As the containers are plastic you can also record the ratios on the outside with a water proof marker.
  • Reduce the amount of paint or medium when travelling. Simply decant your favorite product and take a smaller amount with you.
  • The squeeze bottles with precise tip applicators can be used for dripping paint techniques.
  • Watercolours and inks can be decanted into the eye dropper Refillable for ease of use.
  • Refillables are perfect for carrying small quantities of cleaning products for your brushes and hands like Derivan Brush Cleaner or liquid soap.
  • If you buy products such as ink or water based glue in larger containers, these can be decanted into one of the Refillable squeeze bottles for dispensing the correct amount of product in a more manageable size.

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Dropper Bottles, Storage jars, Small Squeeze Bottles, Large Squeeze Bottles, Watercolour tin box & pans, Brush Pen set 4