Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer

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All Purpose Sealer For pre-sealing and priming almost any porous surface including wood, canvas, unglazed stoneware, bisque, card, paper and treated metal. Use to prevent moisture loss from absorption into the surface. Use also to promote good adhesion of the paint.

Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer is a surface primer and will seal a wide variety of items in preparation for painting.

Pre-priming with All Purpose Sealer or Gesso will ensure good paint adhesion and will prevent moisture loss into absorbent surfaces.

Use All Purpose Sealer rather than Gesso on items which require sealing without tooth or opaque colour.

Suitable items for sealing include: wood, MDF (Fibreboard), cardboard, paper, canvas, metal, unglazed bisque and terracotta. Test for suitable adhesion on unusual surfaces. All Purpose Sealer will assist adhesion to some plastics, soaps and wide candles where flames will not come in contact with the design. A light sanding is recommended to promote adhesion of paint to any of these surfaces.

Apply undiluted to clean, dry surface. When dry, lightly sand before painting.
Alternatively, mix and apply paint and Sealer in equal proportions.
Sand when dry and apply a second coat of paint without Sealer added.
Metal or tin should be clean, rust free and lightly sanded. Apply Sealer undiluted allow 24 hours to harden before painting. (This product will not inhibit rust). A hair dryer may be used to speed drying.

Wash hands and brushes in water.

Notes: All Purpose Sealer makes an excellent glue to adhere decoupage gift wrap or fabric to wood and other surfaces.
All Purpose Sealer is a primer, not a finishing varnish. If used as a varnish it may become tacky in warm weather and cause surfaces to stick together. It is also not as durable as Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Varnish and is not recommended for this purpose.

Trouble Shooting:

If Paint dries too fast when Sealer is added:
Adding All Purpose Sealer directly to your paints causes them to dry more rapidly. Prevent this by either pre-sealing with All Purpose Sealer and then over painting or add a few drops of Retarder Medium or Flow Medium to slow the drying time.

If brushes become stiff when using All Purpose Sealer:
Ensure brushes are rinsed often during the painting process. After painting, was well in cool water soap may be used.

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