Manuscript Dip Nib Set Calligraphy One

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Each set contains 3 nibs. The nib selection is varied and allows you to work in a variety of calligraphy styles. A summary of nib characteristics is given below.

Round Hand and Tape Nibs. Round Hand Nibs are cut square and Tape Nibs right oblique. Ink reservoirs are located on the underside and the top respectively.
Versatile in use, these nibs may be used for a variety of Calligraphy styles including the Foundation Hand, Italic alphabets, Uncial and Gothic Scripts. The Tape nib was developed especially for versions of the Unical alphabet.

Fine and Ornamental Nibs. Fine point nibs are ideal for Copperplate writing, decorative lettering and fine design details. Ornamental nibs are used for ornamental writing where all component strokes are the same thickness.

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