Sumi liquid Ink 125ml

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Use this convenient liquid brush/writing ink instead of the traditional stick ink for your calligraphy or brush painting needs. This ready-to-use black ink comes in a 125ml bottle. Non-toxic, imported from Japan. Sumi-e is a form of Japanese ink painting that developed from the the practice of Japanese Calligraphy. The name means black ink in Japanese reflecting that colours could be implied using only black ink of various concentrations.

The Philosophy of Sumi-e is contrast and harmony, expressing simple beauty and elegance.

Patience is essential in brush painting. Balance, rhythm and harmony are the qualities the artist strives for by developing patience, self-discipline and concentration. The goal of the brush painter is to use the brush with both vitality and restraint. Constantly striving to be a better person because his character and personality come through in his work.

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