Matisse Spreader Medium MM8

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Matisse Structure Formula paint offers a thick ‘buttery’ consistency suitable for impasto, oil painting and brush stroke techniques: its high tintorial strength permits ready dilution with water or mediums to allow the artist free expression by selective use of these mediums, for the results desired.

The purpose of MM8 Spreader Medium is to spread large volumes of colour over selected areas while maintaining a controlled paint viscosity.

It is customary to add MM8 Spreader Medium to Matisse Colours until the required volume of paint is attained. Inversely, Matisse Colour can be added in small or large increments to the MM8 Spreader Medium but, because of the heavy-bodied consistency of Matisse Structure, lumping could occur and it is advisable to pre-dilute the Matisse Structure with a little water.

MM8 Spreader Medium is a transparent flowing paste. It dries fairly flat and, when dry, can hardly be discerned on a painted or unpainted area, i.e. it leaves almost no stain. Its main application is for glazing where it imparts fine flow and controlled spreadability and lubrication to the paint. Used on its own, the medium does not dry waterproof and can therefore be used as an intermediary between two partially dried paint films if some water-sensitivity for wash areas is desired. Applied over a dried paint film, it gives a wet upon wet effect but will recede to an almost invisible film when dry.

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