Matisse Surface Tension Breaker MM3

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This product is a dispersant and is used to break down the surface tension of the acrylic paints. It acts as a powerful penetrating agent. It is also known as “watercolour medium” or “flow medium””.

Used correctly, it will make Matisse paint more runny by increasing its flow properties. Its presence within a water and paint mixture will greatly facilitate colour penetration into absorbent paper or fabric grounds, e.g. raw canvas.
It is a very valuable additive in stain painting techniques and water wash applications when working on hand-pressed watercolour paper or absorbent, bleached but unprimed canvas.

For correct results, MM3 Surface Tension Breaker is always pre-diluted with the quantity of water to be used for thinning the paint. It is wise to prepare a stock jar of water with 5-10% MM3 Surface Tension Breaker and use this water for the overall painting.

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