Matisse Watercolour Ground 250ml MM39

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Matisse Watercolour Ground –

NEW to the Matisse Mediums range

Use Watercolour paints on ANY Surface with Matisse Watercolour Ground.

Key Feature’s

  • Absorbent watercolour ground
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Archival
  • Acid-free
  • Formulated to be an excellent surface for watercolour
  • Thinner viscosity ( than standard grounds ) for easy application of smooth surface
  • Use on glass, metal, fabric, plastic, plaster, perspex, ceramic, wood.

Perfect For:

  • Watercolour techniques
  • Mixed media applications
  • watercolour on canvas
  • repairing and altering watercolour works
  • Frame without glass
  • Unusual substrates

About Watercolour Ground

Watercolour paints have been around since the 1500s, but only recently has their usage expanded. Nowadays, you can find them in any art store, and they are easy to use. Traditionally used on watercolour paper, but with the newly released Matisse watercolour ground, they now can be applied to any surface, including canvas, wood board, mixed media paper, and more! Matisse Watercolour Ground makes it possible to create beautiful watercolour paintings on virtually any surface that you choose!

What is a Watercolour Ground?

Watercolour paints are  generally  used on traditional watercolour paper with different textures.  They absorb into the watercolour paper.  Matisse Watercolour Ground allows you to  create that same  absorbency  & feel of paper on pretty well any substrate that a normal acrylic would adhere to.
So you can use watercolour techniques like washes, lifting off, and layering on unique substrates.

You can find out more on how to use it on the Derivan Matisse Website:

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