Art Spectrum Artists Oil Primer

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Art Spectrum Oil Primer has a unique oil/acrylic resin blend. The linseed oil content provides controlled absorbency, which maintains the natural glow of oil paint. Non-toxic, non-flammable and equipment washes up with water.

Art Spectrum Oil Primer can be thinned with up to 15% water if necessary, and no glue sizing is required. Apply with a roller or sponge directly onto canvas, board, timber or masonry. Oil prime is touch dry in about one hour, and can be recoated, if necessary, within the day. Oil painting can begin the next day, or as soon as the water has evaporated from the system.

Art Spectrum Oil Prime is specifically designed for use with Oil Paints and is not suitable as a primer for Acrylic Paints because of the oil content. For an artist painting in oils there is no better Primer.

A versatile primer that blends a true linseed oil base with an acrylic resin. Offers excellent opacity, tooth and flow, while protecting against bacteria and fungicides. Art Spectrum Oil Prime is water-based, non-toxic, non-cracking and permanent. Quick drying, lead-free and archival it is perfect for canvas, wood panel, masonite and masonry. Developed by a Swiss chemist, this warm white primer requires no glue size barrier layer and may be used directly from the can. Dries in just one hour and may be double primed in just 12 hours all the while maintaining flexibility.

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