Roymac Revolution Round Brushes

$12.31$34.45 inc. GST

Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Sri Lanka.

  • Good belly size is useful for carrying colour to cover large areas.
  • Tapered point on brush head allows the painting of finer details.
  • Short, metallic blue handle.
  • Made using our unique Revolution Taklon technology – microscopic pock marks on the taklon fibres replicate the scaling on natural hair. This means better material holding capacity and smooth, even release; stiffer filaments for sharper points and edges; and better fibre elasticity for superior spring and recovery.
  • Roymac Revolution Brushes perform like sable, for a fraction of the price and no animals are harmed!
  • Taklon brushes have immense soaking power but fail to release the water and colour onto the paper satisfactorily. Natural hair is always superior in this field and the Revolution brushes mimic natural hair for that successful colour release onto your surface.

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