Schmincke Soft Pastel Individual

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Working with Schmincke finest extrasoft pastels leads you back to the origin of colour and is a real painting experience rather than simple drawing.
They contain only the purest medium fine ground artist pigments, which are in the highest possible concentration. Contrastingly, the binding agent content, is kept to a minimum, which ensures a stable compound. In order to guarantee the highest quality it is necessary to manufacture Schmincke pastels using special recipes which avoid the use of machinery during manufacture.
Worm extruders form the pre-kneaded dough into round skeins, which are then detached by hand and cut in a wirestrung frame. The damp sticks have to dry for around eight days before they can be labelled and packed by hand. This is a costly and time consuming process, however it is the only way Schmincke can guarantee homogenous quality and smoothness in all the production cycles, in order that the artist can be assured that his favourite colour shade is consistant throughout our range of finest extra-soft artist pastel colours.

The complete assortment includes 400 colours classified in 80 rows with 5 colours each. The range contains also 5 additional pearl lustre effect colours. Pastel paintings will always remain sensitive. Therefore, they should only be treated with a special fixative, or used on a paper such as Art Spectrum Colourfix, which requires no fixative. – See, Paper – Pastel, Pencil and Crayon on menu.

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001D White, 007B Titanium Yellow, 007D Titanium Yellow, 007H Titanium Yellow, 007M Titanium Yellow, 007O Titanium Yellow, 002B Perm Yellow Lemon, 002D Perm Yellow Lemon, 002H Perm Yellow Lemon, 002M Perm Yellow Lemon, 002O Perm Yellow Lemon, 008B Vanadium Yellow Lt, 008D Vanadium Yellow Lt, 008H Vanadium Yellow Lt, 008M Vanadium Yellow Lt, 008O Vanadium Yellow Lt, 009B Vanadium Yellow Deep, 009D Vanadium Yellow Deep, 009H Vanadium Yellow Deep, 009M Vanadium Yellow Deep, 009O Vanadium Yellow Deep, 003B Perm Yellow 2 Light, 003D Perm Yellow 2 Light, 003H Perm Yellow 2 Light, 003M Perm Yellow 2 Light, 003O Perm Yellow 2 light, 004B Perm Yellow 3 Deep, 004D Perm Yellow 3 Deep, 004H Perm Yellow 3 Deep, 004M Perm Yellow 3 Deep, 004O Perm Yellow 3 Deep, 010B Orange Light, 010D Orange Light, 010H Orange Light, 010M Orange Light, 010O Orange Light, 005B Orange Deep, 005D Orange Deep, 005H Orange Deep, 005M Orange Deep, 005O Orange Deep, 042B Perm Red 1 Pale, 042D Perm Red 1 Pale, 042H Perm Red 1 Pale, 042M Perm Red 1 Pale, 042O Perm Red 1 Pale, 040B Vermilion, 040D Vermilion, 040H Vermilion, 040M Vermilion, 040O Vermilion, 044B Perm Red 3 DEEP, 044D Perm Red 3 Deep, 044H Perm Red 3 Deep, 044M Perm Red 3 Deep, 044O Perm Red 3 Deep, 041B Scarlet, 041D Scarlet, 041H Scarlet, 041M Scarlet, 041O Scarlet, 046B Carmine Red, 046D Carmine Red, 046H Carmine Red, 046M Carmine Red, 046O Carmine Red, 045B Madder Lake, 045D Madder Lake, 045H Madder Lake, 045M Madder Lake, 045O Madder Lake, 043B Bordeaux, 043D Bordeaux, 043H Bordeaux, 043M Bordeaux, 043O Bordeaux, 047B Rose Madder, 047D Rose Madder, 047H Rose Madder, 047M Rose Madder, 047O Rose Madder, 048B Quinacridone Violet, 048D Quinacridone Violet, 048H Quinacridone Violet, 048M Quinacridone Violet, 048O Quinacridone Violet, 049B Purple, 049D Purple, 049H Purple, 049M Purple, 049O Purple, 050B Purple 2, 050D Purple 2, 050H Purple 2, 050M Purple 2, 050O Purple 2, 056B Reddish Violet, 056D Reddish Violet, 056H Reddish Violet, 056M Reddish Violet, 056O Reddish Violet, 052B Manganese Violet, 052D Manganese Violet, 052H Manganese Violet, 052M Manganese Violet, 052O Manganese Violet, 059B Deep Violet, 059D Deep Violet, 059H Deep Violet, 059M Deep Violet, 059O Deep Violet, 057B Bluish Violet, 057D Bluish Violet, 057H Bluish Violet, 057M Bluish Violet, 057O Bluish Violet, 600B Delft Blue, 600D Delft Blue, 600H Delft Blue, 600M Delft Blue, 600O Delft Blue, 063B Ultramarine Deep, 063D Ultramarine Deep, 063H Ultramarine Deep, 063M Ultramarine Deep, 063O Ultramarine Deep, 062B Ultramarine Light, 062D Ultramarine Light, 062H Ultramarine Light, 062M Ultramarine Light, 062O Ultramarine Light, 064B Cobalt Blue Tone, 064D Cobalt Blue Tone, 064H Cobalt Blue Tone, 064M Cobalt Blue Tone, 064O Cobalt Blue Tone, 066B Prussian Blue, 066D Prussian Blue, 066H Prussian Blue, 066M Prussian Blue, 066O Prussian Blue, 061B Phthalo Blue, 061D Phthalo Blue, 061H Phthalo Blue, 061M Phthalo Blue, 061O Phthalo Blue, 067B Indigo Blue, 067D Indigo Blue, 067H Indigo Blue, 067M Indigo Blue, 067O Indigo Blue, 069B Bluish Green Deep, 069D Bluish Green Deep, 069H Bluish Green Deep, 069M Bluish Green Deep, 069O Bluish Green Deep, 690B Cerulean Blue, 690D Cerulean Blue, 690H Cerulean Blue, 690M Cerulean Blue, 690O Cerulean Blue, 065B Greenish Blue, 065D Greenish Blue, 065H Greenish Blue, 065M Greenish Blue, 065O Greenish Blue, 650B Cobalt Turquoise, 650D Cobalt Turquoise, 650H Cobalt Turquoise, 650M Cobalt Turquoise, 650O Cobalt Turquoise, 068B Bluish Green, 068D Bluish Green, 068H Bluish Green, 068M Bluish Green, 068O Bluish Green, 071B Light Green, 071D Light Green, 071H Light Green, 071M Light Green, 071O Light Green, 077B May Green, 077D May Green, 077H May Green, 077M May Green, 077O May Green, 072B Leaf Green 1, 073D Leaf Green 2, 072H Leaf Green 1, 072M Leaf Green 1, 072O Leaf Green 1, 075B Mossy Green 1, 075D Mossy Green 1, 075H Mossy Green 1, 075M Mossy Green 1, 075O Mossy Green 1, 076B Mossy Green 2, 076D Mossy Green 2, 076H Mossy Green 2, 076M Mossy Green 2, 076O Mossy Green 2, 073B Leaf Green 2, 073D Leaf Green 2, 073H Leaf Green 2, 073M Leaf Green 2, 073O Leaf Green 2, 080B Cold Green 1, 080D Cold Green 1, 080H Cold Green 1, 080M Cold Green 1, 080O Cold Green 1, 081B Cold Green Deep, 081D Cold Green Deep, 081H Cold Green Deep, 081M Cold Green Deep, 081O Cold Green Deep, 074B Phthalo Green Deep, 074D Phthalo Green Deep, 074H Phthalo Green Deep, 074M Phthalo Green Deep, 074O Phthalo Green Deep, 070B Leaf Green Deep, 070D Leaf Green Deep, 070H Leaf Green Deep, 070M Leaf Green Deep, 070O Leaf Green Deep, 082B Verona Green, 082D Verona Green, 082H Verona Green, 082M Verona Green, 082O Verona Green, 084B Chromium Oxide Green, 084D Chromium Oxide Green, 084H Chromium Oxide Green, 084M Chromium Oxide Green, 084O Chromium Oxide Green, 085B Olive Green 1, 085D Olive Green 1, 085H Olive Green 1, 085M Olive Green 1, 085O Olive Green 1, 083B Bohemian Green, 083D Bohemian Green, 083H Bohemian Green, 083M Bohemian Green, 083O Bohemian Green, 086B Olive Green 2, 086D Olive Green 2, 086H Olive Green 2, 086M Olive Green 2, 086O Olive Green 2, 013B Ochre Light, 013D Ochre Light, 013H Ochre Light, 013M Ochre Light, 013O Ochre Light, 014B Gold Ochre, 014D Gold Ochre, 014H Gold Ochre, 014M Gold Ochre, 014O Gold Ochre, 028B Olive Ochre Light, 028D Olive Ochre Light, 028H Olive Ochre Light, 028M Olive Ochre Light, 028O Olive Ochre Light, 029B Olive Ochre Deep, 029D Olive Ochre Deep, 029H Olive Ochre Deep, 029M Olive Ochre Deep, 029O Olive Ochre Deep, 016B Flesh Ochre, 016D Flesh Ochre, 016H Flesh Ochre, 016M Flesh Ochre, 016O Flesh Ochre, 017B Orange Ochre, 017D Orange Ochre, 017H Orange Ochre, 017M Orange Ochre, 017O Orange Ochre, 021B Pozzuoli Earth, 021D Pozzuoli Earth, 021H Pozzuoli Earth, 021M Pozzuoli Earth, 021O Pozzuoli Earth, 019B Burnt Yellow Ochre, 019D Burnt Yellow Ochre, 019H Burnt Yellow Ochre, 019M Burnt Yellow Ochre, 019O Burnt Yellow Ochre, 018B Burnt Sienna, 018D Burnt Sienna, 018H Burnt Sienna, 018M Burnt Sienna, 018O Burnt Sienna, 022B English Red, 022D English Red, 022H English Red, 022M English Red, 022O English Red, 023B Caput Mortuum Pale, 023D Caput Mortuum Pale, 023H Caput Mortuum Pale, 023M Caput Mortuum Pale, 023O Caput Mortuum Pale, 024B Caput Mortuum Deep, 024D Caput Mortuum Deep, 024H Caput Mortuum Deep, 024M Caput Mortuum Deep, 024O Caput Mortuum Deep, 032B Brown Ochre, 032D Brown Ochre, 032H Brown Ochre, 032M Brown Ochre, 032O Brown Ochre, 033B Burnt Green Earth, 033D Burnt Green Earth, 033H Burnt Green Earth, 033M Burnt Green Earth, 033O Burnt Green Earth, 035B Burnt Umber, 035D Burnt Umber, 035H Burnt Umber, 035M Burnt Umber, 035O Burnt Umber, 037B Sepia Brown, 037D Sepia Brown, 037H Sepia Brown, 037M Sepia Brown, 037O Sepia Brown, 036B Van Dyke Brown, 036D Van Dyke Brown, 036H Van Dyke Brown, 036M Van Dyke Brown, 036O Van Dyke Brown, 038B Walnut Brown, 038D Walnut Brown, 038H Walnut Brown, 038M Walnut Brown, 038O Walnut Brown, 030B Greenish Umber, 030D Greenish Umber, 030H Greenish Umber, 030M Greenish Umber, 030O Greenish Umber, 093B Greenish Grey 1, 093D Greenish Grey 1, 093H Greenish Grey 1, 093M Greenish Grey 1, 093O Greenish Grey 1, 094B Greenish Grey 2, 094D Greenish Grey 2, 094H Greenish Grey 2, 094M Greenish Grey 2, 094O Greenish Grey 2, 091B Grey Blue 1, 091D Grey Blue 1, 091H Grey Blue 1, 091M Grey Blue 1, 091O Grey Blue 1, 095B Cold Grey, 095D Cold Grey, 095H Cold Grey, 095M Cold Grey, 095O Cold Grey, 092B Reddish Grey, 092D Reddish Grey, 092H Reddish Grey, 092M Reddish Grey, 092O Reddish Grey, 090B Grey Violet, 090H Grey Violet, 090M Grey Violet, 090O Grey Violet, 098069D Neutral Grey, 098071F Neutral Grey, 098072G Neutral Grey, 098073H Neutral Grey, 098074J Neutral Grey, 098075K Neutral Grey, 098076L Neutral Grey, 098077M Neutral Grey, 098078N Neutral Grey, 098079O Neutral Grey, 054069D Red Violet, 055069D Reddish Violet Deep, 060069D Ultramarine Blue Deep, 087068B Olive Green Deep, 025068B Dark Brown, 099069D Black, 097069 Serious Black, 893069D Gold, 894069D Silver, 001069 White, 910073 White Pearl, 920073 Yellow Pearl, 930073 Rose Pearl, 940073H Blue Pearl, 950073H Green Pearl