Atelier Acrylic Pouring Medium

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Simply mix it with Atelier Interactive, Free Flow or any artists’ acrylic paint and pour onto a flat painting surface. The medium thins the paint so it pours easily and forms smooth even puddles with no bubbles! It increases colour transparency which enhances paint layering effects and dries to a beautiful gloss finish. When dried the paint film is flexible waterproof and durable. The medium is white when wet but dries clear.
“Acrylic Skins” can be created by pouring onto plastic sheets like glad wrap or plastic ring binder sleeves. Once the paint layer has dried it can be peeled off and used for collage.

– Stir slowly when mixing with the paint so as to avoid creating bubbles.
– The results from pouring techniques are heavily influenced by the painting surface so always prepare your substrate properly with gesso or binder medium.
– To remove little bubbles spray a light mist of Atelier Unlocking formula onto the wet surface. This will break the surface tension and remove the bubbles.

-Above all experiment and let us know what you come up with!!



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Acrylic Pouring Medium

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