Atelier Binder Medium

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Atelier Binder Medium – This is the acrylic polymer use in Atelier Interactive paint itself. Use it as a size coating on canvas or cotton duck to seal the surface and prevent absorption of paint into the fabric. It can be painted over directly, or Atelier Interactive Gesso may be used over it.
Wheter you intend to paint in Acrylics or oils, preparing your grounds properly does not add to the cost because it avoids absorption of the paint into the substrate and so you use less.

The surface you paint on is the foundation of your painting. Sealing prevents stains from seeping up from below, it also prevents over absorption from paint layers; e.g. water from acrylics making them dry too fast, or binder loss from both oils or acrylics making the painting appear dull.

Gesso provides a stable white surface with a pleasant, non-slippery tooth to paint on.

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