Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss (Impasto Gel Medium)

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A thickened gel for more exaggerated structure. Its milky colour becomes transparent when it dries. Heavy Gell,Impasto Gel increases gloss. This is an ideal glue for heavy objects. If desired, the gloss can be reduced with final varnishing.

Description -: Thick, milky gel, dries clear. Very high solids, fast drying. May be added to paint in any proportions, usually 1 part gel to 2 parts paint, or 1:1 (approx.) More medium produces higher gloss and more transparency. The main effect is to increase and sharpen the textural effect of paint applied thickly by brush or palette knife. This medium is not really suitable for looser blending effects. Useful for collage, gluing and bonding. Textural materials can be added to it, or sprinkled over a bed of medium. This is the only Atelier medium which makes acrylic paint thicker.

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