Jo Sonja Magic Mix 250ml

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Magic Mix is an excellet medium for side loaded and floated colour that does not allow the paint to travel too far across the brush. For additional open time, Retarder may be applied directly to the surface or picked up in the brush. Dress the brush in a small amount of Magic Mix. Side load the brush with colour and blend well on palette. Lay colour where desired. Colour may be softened with the clean edge of the brush or stipple blended as needed.

Extra Information:
Use Magic Mix and floated colour for layering of colour glazes to create depth in a painting that mixing colours together cannot achieve. With medium and colour in the brush blend on the palette until colour is transparent. Touch on design where desired to adjust temperature, colour depth or apply a tinting colour. Soften with the clean edge of the brush.
An overall transparent glaze of Magic Mix combined with colour will brighten or completely change the colour of the design elements. Transparent or semi-transparent colours are recommenderd for glazing techniques.
Blend Magic Mix with colour for strokework, linework and detail painting in designs. Dress the brush in Magic Mix and blend well on the palette to achieve colour transparency or proper paint consistency. The addition of Magic Mix increaces the transparency and flow of the paint with the ease of quick correction.

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