Matisse Coloured Gesso 250ml

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A highly pigmented “low tooth” gesso.
Build your art on a strong foundation. Matisse Background Colours are all-purpose pure acrylic that can be applied to almost any surface. They are a highly pigmented low tooth gesso.

Used directly onto wood, the Background Colour will not only cover and create a great surface to paint on, but will also seal the surface because it has a built-in sealer.
All Matisse Background Colours are especially designed and selected for traditional folk art techniques, interior domestic decoration as well as canvas and board application.
Use MM26 Transparent Gesso mixed with the Matisse Background Colours to give a coloured primer with extra “tooth” for painting and especially as a pastel primer. (Hint: vary the ratio of MM26 Transparent Gesso mixed with Matisse Background Colour to vary the degree of roughness or “tooth” in the primed surface.)

Matisse Background Colours can also be used with stencils, design painting, or simply as a flat decorative wall and ceiling paint. Apply direct from the jar and clean up with water. Matisse Background spreads easily with brush or roller and dries fast to a matt-velvet finish. Matisse Background Colours make an ideal coloured gesso. Matisse Background Colours come in 250ml “stack up jars” with a selection of the most popular colours available in 1 litre pails

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White, Off White, Cream, Daisy Yellow, Straw, Haymarket, Caramello, Pale Beige, China Red, Capitol Orange, Terracotta, Pimento, Heritage Red, Capitol Sienna, Burgundy, Capitol Purple, Blush, Victoria Pink, Whisper Pink, Midnight Blue, Heritage Blue, Ritz Blue, Winter Blue, Antique Blue, Whisper Blue, Turquoise, Olive Green Deep, Olive Green Light, Leaf Green, Antique Green, Forest Green, Gum Tree Green, Whisper Green, Lichen Grey, Victorian Grey, Pale Grey, Brown, Folk Black