SAKURA Gelly Roll Pen Sets

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Gelly Roll Range
Sakura Gelly Roll. The Original and Best Gel Pen

The history of the gel-based ink rollerball pen began over 30 years ago. In the late 1970’s most writing instrument companies started producing a new technology known as the rollerball pen. Rollerball pens used a water-based fluid ink in comparison to the then popular ballpoint pen which used a thick oil-based ink. In Japan, the local market already had several strong rollerball competitors, and there were numerous overseas brands from the U.S. and European markets. The Sakura Color Products Corporation, located in Osaka, Japan, also wanted to develop a rollerball pen, but wanted to advance the technology further. Sakura decided to go after what no other company had been successful in creating – a gel-based ink.
Although there are now many suppliers who offer a variety of gel pen products, Sakura was officially recognized as the first and original inventor of the gel pen. In 2000, Sakura Color Products Corporation, received the Award of Director General of the Japanese Patent Office for the invention of the gel ink roller ball.

The Gelly Roll range features the Original Classic pen, Gelly Roll Metallic, Gelly Roll Moonlight, Gelly Roll Stardust and Gelly Roll Glaze.

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Classic Pastel, Classic Secondary, Classic Basic, Glaze Classic, Glaze Designer, Glaze Primary, Stardust Satellite, Stardust Solar, Moonlight Evening, Moonlight Morning, Gelly Roll White, Metallic Secondary, Metallic Primary