Art Spectrum Extra Soft Square Pastels Individual

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Discover the collection of ART SPECTRUM® EXTRA SOFT SQUARE PASTELS. With over 50 years experience of making professional artists’ colours, we are proud to introduce a selection of pure pigment extra soft square pastels. Colours ranging from smouldering darks to delicate veils of highlight colours, all exhibiting the rich velvety bloom loved by pastel artists.

Experience soft creamy pastels that lay down smoothly and blend beautifully onto paper. The shape allows broad strokes for easy coverage and strong gestural marks and the ability to create fine detailed work.

Feel confident that you are using professional artists’ materials made from the highest quality lightfast pigments which are triple-milled to bring out the intensity of each colour.

Innovation drives the Art Spectrum® team and they will continue to expand the Extra Soft Square Pastel range to include new and exciting colours for the artist.

Each single pastel is 13mm high x 16mm wide x 45mm long (1/2 inch high x 5/8 inch wide x 1 3/4 inch long).

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Lemon Highlight 015A, Orange Highlight 030A, Coral Highlight 045A, Red Violet Highlight 060A, Blue Violet Highlight A 075A, Ultra Blue Highlight 090A, Phthalo Blue Highlight 105A, Phthalo Green Highlight 120A, Yellow Green Highlight 135A, Cool Grey Highlight 150A, Titanium Yellow 165A, Titanium Yellow 165B, Titanium Yellow 165C, Titanium Yellow 165D, Lemon Yellow 180A, Lemon Yellow 180B, Lemon Yellow 180C, Lemon Yellow 180D, Yellow 195A, Yellow 195B, Yellow 195C, Yellow 195D, Yellow 195E, Orange 210A, Orange 210B, Orange 210C, Orange 210D, Orange 210E, Orange 210F, Scarlet 225A, Scarlet 225B, Scarlet 225C, Scarlet 225D, Red 240A, Red 240B, Red 240C, Red 240D, Red 240E, Poppy Red 255A, Poppy Red 255B, Poppy Red 255C, Magenta 270A, Magenta 270B, Magenta 270C, Magenta 270D, Magenta 270E, Flinders Red Violet 285A, Flinders Red Violet 285B, Flinders Red Violet 285C, Flinders Red Violet 285D, Flinders Red Violet 285E, Flinders Red Violet 285F, Violet 300A, Violet 300B, Violet 300C, Violet 300D, Dark Violet 315A, Dark Violet 315B, Dark Violet 315C, Flinders Blue Violet 330A, Flinders Blue Violet 330B, Flinders Blue Violet 330C, Flinders Blue Violet 330D, Flinders Blue Violet 330E, Purple Grey 345A, Purple Grey 345B, Purple Grey 345C, Purple Grey 345D, Purple Grey 345E, Ultramarine Grey 360A, Ultramarine Grey 360B, Ultramarine Grey 360C, Ultramarine Grey 360D, Blue Grey Cool 375A, Blue Grey Cool 375B, Blue Grey Cool 375C, Blue Grey Cool 375D, Ultramarine Blue 390A, Ultramarine Blue 390B, Ultramarine Blue 390C, Ultramarine Blue 390D, Ultramarine Blue 390E, Ultramarine Blue 390F, Phthalo Blue 405A, Phthalo Blue 405B, Phthalo Blue 405C, Phthalo Blue 405D, Phthalo Blue 405E, Turquoise 420A, Turquoise 420B, Turquoise 420C, Turquoise 420D, Phthalo Green 435A, Phthalo Green 435B, Phthalo Green 435C, Phthalo Green 435D, Cold Green 450A, Cold Green 450B, Cold Green 450C, Cold Green 450D, Cold Green 450E, Cold Green 450F, Marine Blue 465A, Marine Blue 465B, Marine Blue 465C, Marine Blue 465D, Sap Green 480A, Sap Green 480B, Sap Green 480C, Sap Green 480D, Olive Green 495A, Olive Green 495B, Olive Green 495C, Yellowish Umber 510A, Yellowish Umber 510B, Yellowish Umber 510C, Yellowish Umber 510D, Yellowish Umber 510E, Yellow Ochre 525A, Yellow Ochre 525B, Yellow Ochre 525C, Yellow Ochre 525D, Yellow Ochre 525E, Australian Red Gold 540A, Australian Red Gold 540B, Australian Red Gold 540C, Australian Red Gold 540D, Australian Red Gold 540E, Pilbara Red 555A, Pilbara Red 555B, Pilbara Red 555C, Pilbara Red 555D, Pilbara Red 555E, Burnt Sienna 570A, Burnt Sienna 570B, Burnt Sienna 570C, Burnt Sienna Yellowish 585A, Burnt Sienna Yellowish 585B, Burnt Sienna Yellowish 585C, Burnt Sienna Yellowish 585D, Burnt Umber Greyish 600A, Burnt Umber Greyish 600B, Burnt Umber Greyish 600C, Burnt Umber Greyish 600D, Burnt Umber Greyish 600E, Burnt Umber Pale 615A, Burnt Umber Pale 615B, Burnt Umber Pale 615C, Burnt Umber Pale 615D, Burnt Umber Pale 615E, Raw Umber 630A, Raw Umber 630B, Raw Umber 630C, Brownish Grey 645A, Brownish Grey 645B, Brownish Grey 645C, Brownish Grey 645D, Reddish Grey 660A, Reddish Grey 660B, Reddish Grey 660C, Reddish Grey 660D, Reddish Grey 660E, Warm Grey 675A, Warm Grey 675B, Warm Grey 675C, Warm Grey 675D, Cool Grey 690A, Cool Grey 690B, Cool Grey 690C, Cool Grey 690D, Australian Grey 705A, Warm White 720A, Cool White 735A, White 750A, Lamp Black 765A, Ivory Black 780A, Silver 795A, Gold 810A, Copper 825A, Bronze 840A


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