Art Spectrum Soft Pastel Sets

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Art Spectrum Soft Pastels provide the artist with colours that are pure, brilliant and intense, and remain that way.

The very best pigments are selected and triple milled at maximum concentration to bring out the finest colour and provide the rich, velvety bloom valued by pastelists.

This method of production produces smouldering darks, brilliant and intense pure colours and a range of subtle and delicate tints.

Assorted Sets provide a general range of colours that will allow the artist to cover most situations.

Landscape Sets provide a range of colours that make portrayal of the Australian Landscape easier.

Portrait Sets have a range of colours applicable to portrait work.

Dark Sets have a range of the darkest smouldering dark colours, enabling superb shaddow effects.

Six Pack Sets contain colours represented by the names.

All Art Spectrum pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances.

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Weight 2.050 kg

Extra Soft Warm Tints, Extra Soft Cool Tints, Lightest Lights, Fiery Warms, Red Wine and Roses, Blues and Violets, Moody Blues, Winter Greens, Summer Greens, Autumn Earths, Rich earths, Stone Tones, Black, White and In Between, Darkest Darks, Life Drawing Colours, Cool & Warm Greys, Assorted Set, Landscape Set, Portrait Set, Dark Set, Assorted Set, Landscape Set, Seascape Set, Flowers Set, Colourfix Colours


6, 12, 15, 30, 40 1\2, 20 1\2, 60