Atelier Interactive Liquid Gesso

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Atelier Liquid Gesso Primer is a waterbased acrylic ground, designed to provide a stable matte white surface on which to paint. Gesso promotes good paint adhesion and prevents loss of moisture into the substraight for both acrylic and oil paitings.

Appearance: White, mid-viscosity paste with a high grit content. Dries white and matte.

May be used directly from the container, no dilution is required. Please shake or stir before use to ensure an even dispersion of ingredients.

Recommended for surface preparation. Apply to canvasses, boards and similar surfaces prior to painting with acrylics or oils. Make sure you stretch your canvas before applying (Gesso tightens canvas as it dries). Gesso Primer will adhere to non-greasy, non-waxy surfaces. Atelier Gesso can be used to block out and resurface unsuccessful paintings. Atelier Gesso may be applied over Binder Medium, or instead of Binder Medium, prior to painting.

Atelier Gesso may be tinted before application; or stained with an acrylic wash once dry. Final surface can also be sanded for a smoother finish.

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